Add Twig syntax highlighting to Sublime Text 2 or 3

I've been working with Twig lately. Although I use PhPStorm as my main IDE, I try to keep Sublime text as fully loaded as PHPStorm using packages. Unlike PHPStorm, Sublime text doesn't have highlighting for Twig templates built-in. There is a package for that, except I couldn't get it working through Package control. To install the package manually follow these steps. 

Java 8, Tomcat 7, and Solr 4.3 on Yosemite for Drupal Development

I recently did a clean install of Yosemite on my local work station. I then installed Solr to run in Tomcat because I wanted to learn more about Tomcat. I looked at several posts to help me get my configuration the way I liked it. References are at the end of this document.

Use drush-vagrant to create drush aliases

To create drush aliases for vagrant installations, you can use the drush-vagrant project.